spicy Hot & Spicy
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Items and pricing subject to change without notice.
All dishes indicating spicy can be made to order from spicy to very spicy

Lunch Menu

Mon. - Fri.: 11:30 am - 3:00 pm


spicy 1. Tom Yum Koong
Hot and sour shrimp soup w. lemongrass, lime juice, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, scallions and hot chili paste
spicy 2. Tom Kha Gai
Chicken in coconut milk soup w. galangal, lime juice, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, scallions and hot chili sauce
3. Jurd Woon Sen
Glass noodles soup w. chicken, mushroom, napa, baby corn, onions and scallions


Over Jasmine Rice (Excludes Noodles Dishes)
Choice of:
Chicken, Pork or Vegetables & Tofu$10.95
Squid or Shrimp$11.95
spicy 4. Pad Kra Pao
Sautéed w. Thai basil, onions, mushrooms and bell pepper in hot and spicy chili sauce
5. Pad Kra Tiem
Sautéed w. garlic, onion, baby corn, carrots, broccoli and white pepper
spicy 6. Pad Tou Kak
Sautéed w. long green beans, onions, chopped, turnips and carrots in hot and spicy chili sauce
7. Pad Khing
Sautéed w. fresh ginger, onions, scallions, bell peppers and mushrooms
spicy 8. Pad Cashew
Sautéed w. cashew nuts, celery, bell peppers, onions & scallions
9. Pad Tou Lun Tao
Sautéed snow peas, onions, mushrooms, baby corn & scallions
10. Pad Thai
Stir fried thin Thai rice noodles w. egg, crushed peanuts, scallions, scallions, tofu and bean sprouts
11. Pad See Eue
Stir fried broad rice noodles w. Chinese broccoli & soy sauce
12. Pad Lard Nar
Stir fried broad rice noodles w. Chinese broccoli topped w. brown sauce
13. Pad Ba Mee
Stir fried egg noodles w. carrots, Napa, scallions, onions, bean sprouts and mushrooms
14. Pad Ruam Pak
Sautéed mixed vegetables and tofu in brown sauce
15. Kao Pad
Fried Rice w. mixed vegetables and egg
spicy 16. Gang Kiew Wan
Green curry w. coconut milk, bamboo shoots, onions and bell pepper
spicy 17. Gang Karee
Yellow curry w. coconut milk, long green beans, potatoes, broccoli, onions and bell peppers
spicy 18. Gang Dang
Red curry w. coconut milk, Thai basil, bamboo shoots, onions and bell peppers

Chef's Lunch Special

SP1. Special Salmon
Deep fried salmon sautéed w. onions, bell peppers, broccoli, long green beans and scallions w. chef's special sauce
spicy SP2. Mee Siam
Stir fried rice stick noodles w. shrimp, roast pork, curry power, bell peppers, onions, mushroom scallions & egg
spicy SP3. Pineapple Chicken
Sliced chicken w. green peas, red peppers and pineapple chunks served w. chef's special pineapple sauce
spicy SP4. Prik Khing
Shrimp and chicken sautéed w. long green beans, onions and bell pepper w. chef's special sauce
SP5. Duck Noodles
Stir fried shredded duck w. broad rice noodles, white onions, red onions, scallions, bean sprout and egg
SP6. Mango Chicken
Lightly breaded chicken stir fried w. bell peppers, mango and Thai basil
spicy SP7. Seafood Noodles
Combination shrimp, squid and crab stick, bell peppers, Thai basil, onions, mushroom w. Thai chili sauce